Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve

New Years Eve is all about the glam and the kiss!!! Here is a little fun inspiration, even if you are staying in, it is the perfect excuse to set your hair & dress up in anything that sparkles. 

And if you're staying home, dress it up and set the table!

Poppers are the perfect accessory for New Year's Eve!

Make some crowns-- everyone loves them!

Happy New Year's Eve!!!


Mel & Liza

Monday, December 26, 2011

The New Black

Happy Monday!!!!

For so many of us is a day to rest and play with our gifts but, for those of us who loved J Crew & Brooks Brother's Fall collection WE will be out shopping, Dec. 26th is the new black Friday. It does seem a bit crazy to follow up Christmas with more stuff, but who doesn't love a great deal & fashion opportunity. 

I Spy......

Calendar 14.99

For those out there that received an IPAD, this cover is more than half off.

All of these items are more than half off, get online or to your local store. BTW they are not opening any earlier then normal. No need to arrive too early.  

For the Men in your life who love Iron-Free

What is not to love?

Lastly a little style inspiration from Diane Keaton.  I don't know about you, but I think she is a style ICON. She took men's wear and made it work for women, while remaining feminine.  I do have to say this look really works for women who are not exactly what you would call "busty."  I think tall women and petite women can really pull this look off with confidence.   
This look is cool, casual, and soooo comfortable. I love it. Rugby, Zara, & J Crew can get you this now ICONIC look, I find it just as comfortable as jeans yet dressy.

Check out the film Manhattan & Murder in Manhattan they are worth seeing, they are soooo New York. 



P.S. Liza is traveling this week & I am happily enjoying a visit from my family, sooooooo that means we will be on a bit of a break this week, but will return in full swing after the New Year.  Do stay tuned we will be interrupting our activities this week to post some fun New Year's Eve Party ideas.

Friday, December 23, 2011

(Glass Slippers Not Included)

T'is the season for parties!  Christmas parties, cocktail parties, and sometimes even black tie parties.  Whether it's for the holidays or over New Year's, black tie events can be the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and head out for a fun, fancy night on the town.  The tricky part can be, though, where to get a long evening gown that a) doesn't cost a fortune, and b) doesn't look like it came from a store for teenagers (the prom look is NOT what you're going for).  

To give you some fun ideas for what's out there, I've found a few gorgeous long dresses that won't break the bank but will have you looking like a million dollars on your big night(s!) out.  

Flowy halter neck gown from Mango, on sale for $129.

Purple belted dress from Ralph Lauren, on sale for $169.99.

Sequined evening gown from Ralph Lauren, on sale for $189.99.

Elegant white gown from White House for $248.

Beaded crisscross gown by Aiden Mattox, on sale for $154.

Embellished gown from Bloomingdales, on sale for $225.

Dramatic red gown from Mango, on sale for $99.

Happy Celebrating!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

It is all in the details

Just a few more decor ideas pre-Christmas. Last week I pulled together a very simple yet festive dinner for our Sunday School teachers.  I simply took my shears to our Christmas tree and snipped away. I tell you, this is the first year I have taken full advantage of our Christmas tree. Just pull out your shears, and you will be surprised by how easily you can change your settings. 

As always, I pull out the silver for any occasion, a silver set Liza bought me-- silver really does add to a party.  

Oranges are fantastic when you need a punch of color without over doing it, they are particularly good looking with the stems. Oranges also remind me of my childhood, and who didn't have oranges in their stockings?

I love the combination of green, red, and tiffany blue. I think blue softens the traditional colors red and green. The color is unlikely and welcomed after a few to many red and green blinking lights.

 Just a few sprigs of ever green from our tree, oranges, and candy canes add a festive sophistication every host hopes for. 

This setting is so simple to pull together and inexpensive. I used the evergreen branches from our tree and only had to buy oranges and candy canes.  I always save the ribbons from Christmas packages and rarely buy new ones. 

Isn't this gray ribbon perfectly masculine? I love it & I am sure it came from a package Liza sent me last year. I am telling you, I always save pretty ribbon, and it is worth it when you know you can easily pull this look together with little pocket money and time.

The red place mats are from Crate and Barrel. I bought them 5 and a half years ago when I hosted my first Christmas in NYC. I LOVE them; they are so festive & have stood the test of time. 

Jingle Bells!!!!

One last thought. Miss. Sophia is currently on Christmas break. I remember loving this time of year as a child. It was the perfect time to finish projects and last minute shopping. One project Sophia and I worked on where snow globes. We had so much fun playing with this project and I thought to share it with you all. 

The Snow Globe project: the materials are as follows; Magna Tac, fake snow, frosting spray, mason jars, evergreen clippings, and any sparkle you would like to add.

You simply remove the lids of the mason jars and glue in your evergreen pieces (which i just snipped from our tree), and any other decorations you want to add. During this decorating time I sprayed the jars with frosting spray, which you can find in any craft or hardware store. It takes at least ten minutes to dry and is stinky. I sprayed our jars in a separate room out of reach of the children. 

I think the kids favorite part of the project was sprinkling fake snow everywhere. 

Now, the globes are slightly clouded with snow. I say when you are working on a project like this with children, I believe nothing has to be perfect. It is all about the process, especially when you are working on Christmas craft.  The idea is to have fun and connect with the children.

Don't you think these snow globes would be perfect for center pieces with candles in-between. I am re-thinking our Christmas setting, hmmm.......

We added ribbon for a splash of color, and now Sophia has some fun gifts to give away.  This project was inexpensive & really was a lot of fun for us all. 

Just when you thought this post was finished, fa la la la la.......

Last minute details make all the difference. Get to Anthropologie today all of their Christmas decor is 50% off, I have never seen them do this, and it is so worth getting to the store for, plus they open at 9.

The brown wrapping in colorful bows, with newspaper letters from Anthropologie, bring out the best in decorating. Sophia loved drawing and putting stickers on the packages, which really is a very personal way to wrap.  The love is in the details.

Feliz Navidad from me to you!


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