Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Fever

We have made it to the other side of Henry's fifth birthday, and I can't help but be hopeful that spring is just around the corner.  Here in NYC we have had our fair share of snow and ONE big snow day. We bundled up and set out for Gramercy Park. Fingers crossed, flowers will be blooming soon!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Boy Parties

About a month ago H asked for a Wild Kratts themed party and since then I have been collecting and filing away safari ideas. Now with just a few days away until Henry's big birthday, I have been busying prepping the house. In addition we have been busy preparing for Ash Wednesday. 

 Toby's is going to get us through the next few days, wish us luck!!!!



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keeping Valentine's Simple

Over the years we have had so many fun Valentine's Day celebrations. This year we are keeping life simple by having a family taco party with friends. I had great ambitions of making elaborate V-Day cards with the kids, but as time passed and having 30 cards held over our heads, we have simplified. Keeping life simple these days is on the top of my 2015 to do list. 

Happy Valentine's Day!



Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dining Room Revamp: Louis Chairs

I have always loved Louis style dining room chairs, and someday upgrading our mismatched hodgepodge of different seating has long been on our wish list for the future.  Over the years I've kept an eye out at furniture stores and antique malls but have never found a large enough set (3 chairs does not count!) or a price that was low enough to justify them.  Until a couple of weeks ago.  While scouring Craigslist for another project, I found a guy selling a bunch of dining chairs from a church that no longer used them and needed the extra space.  Always up for a road trip in search of a great deal, Jady and I jumped in one of our church's 15 passenger vans and got on the road to Indiana.  

The crazy thing is, by the time we arrived, our guy had discovered even MORE of them, so that all told we came home with 18 Louis chairs!  And since he really wanted to get rid of all of them at once, we were able to negotiate a low price--  just about $30 a chair!

They are all in perfect condition and super sturdy, but they definitely need a makeover before they'll be ready for us to use.  Since we don't have a dining room table or a dining room space that can seat 18 people, I'll be dividing the chairs up into groups-- 4 for the kitchen table, 10-12 for the dining room, and a couple for extra seating around the house.  

Now we just have to pick a design!  Not painting the frames and leaving them as they are would obviously save me quite a bit of labor... so it's tempting.  But the light, yellowy wood isn't my favorite, so if we keep them as is I'll want to choose an upholstery color to downplay the yellow.  What would you do?  To paint, or not to paint?



Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hola February

The year is in FULL motion.  Our Creative Arts Team is busy piecing together our June Camp, and with little ones at home my hands are full- well, not full enough to avoid fun decorating projects. Our dear and fashionable L. S. is revamping his living space. G and I are on it and ready to tackle his BK abode. 

Here are a few pictures to get you going……

We both picked up the same mid century chairs, so they are our point of inspiration. 


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