Monday, September 28, 2015

More from BK………

The last few weekends I have been venturing to Brooklyn with the kids.  We have been loving our excursions and I am loving our ninos enthusiasm as they grow.  Yesterday we popped into Redhook to visit my favorite florist, Saipua.  Their work is BEAUTIFUL and did I mention these BK girls bought a farm, to home grow, what the what!!!!!!  

Yesterday they hosted a Fall day, featuring unusal pumpkins & cacti, what is NOT to love.  My phone died while we were there, but thankfully, Nia took some fab shots and our happy day was captured.  
via Saipua

ALL FOTOS via Little Nia K
BTW don't you just love kids in overalls.  My ninos are wearing Olive Juice and I am telling you the outlet online is AMAZING.  These overalls were just 23.00 bucks each, what a steal!!!!

Happy Fall Days!!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Fashion 2015

Lots of folks have been asking about my favorite go to jeans and clogs.  I am happy to let you in on a little secret.  My favorite clogs are Lottas.  I just love them and they are perfect in all seasons.  I wear them with tights to dress them up, but mainly I love to wear clogs with jeans.  When your short you want height where you can get it and clogs are a fabulous solution.  They are comfy, good looking, and give me a lift.  

I have been loving wearing my black Lottas with my new overalls from Madewell, a gift from the Rev. I have also been loving my jeans from Madewell.  I think they make some of the best cuts for ladies who are short.  I love all their fabulous options, and they never fail to go on sale.  

I love my LOTTAS!!!!



Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A few weeks ago I took Sophia for the first time to ABC Carpet.  For some reason I had never taken her, even though I had been to the children's floor a million times.  Each time I enter I am so inspired, and she was too.  So, when we returned home, we had so many fun ideas running though our heads.  We focused on her doll house and reinvented her sweet doll space to a bright and more imaginative space.  I think the space turned out just right for S and her tiny mice she LOVES to play with. 


We decided to neutralize the look of the house.  The bones of the doll house are great, we just needed to update the look and highlight the fabulous furniture the house came with, not to mention other fun little pieces we have collected over the years.  
We began to paint the house pencil gray, neon pink, white, and turquoise.  

As we neutralized the look, Sophia added her own personal touch to the house. The space is coming together and the mice seem very happy. 

Mil Besos,

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