Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Dinner Party

Last week the Rev. and I hosted a supper for 24.  This time around I knew I would be cooking, so I planned ahead. My first step was to looking into my fabric closet and select some textiles that would work with our table scape. I found some vintage mauve velvet fabric. I knew this would be our centerpiece for color composition. So, selected a grouping of flowers in the pink familia.  

I then pulled out the napkins and china. I found everything I needed expect for uniform bowls. This is when I headed over to Fish Eddy's.  I found perfect bowls in the clearance section. I felt so lucky to find the perfect bowl at 2.00 a piece. I hit the jack pot!

Alll in all we had a wonderful time and I loved the way the colors all came together. 



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Birthday Ideas

Well, the time has arrived and Miss. S will be turning 7 next week. I am in total shock!!!!! Whether I am in or out of denial, a party is to be had.  Every summer I order Sophia's birthday invitations in August. We decide on the theme and go with it. This year, we will host a roof-top camp out. With warm weather in NYC these last few days I am hopeful that the party will go on. 

Here a few details……….

I also may have purchased a 20 person tee-pee tent from Walmart. 

To be revealed……..



Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Activities for Urban Families: NYC

I have been loving watching Fall via the lense of Instagram. Outside the city leaves are changing and apples are ripe. 
Every year the Rev. and I have every intention of taking the kids upstate to pick apples, buy pumpkins, and see the leaves change. As always, our trip is postponed until next year……..

You get the idea right?!

via Pinterest

With two weddings within a month and many other family obligations, we knew we wouldn't make it out of town with the Ninos in time for Halloween. 

What to do if you are an Urban family living in the city????????? 
We pulled out our wagon, and took to the streets of NYC looking for the best pumpkins, apple cider donuts, and hot chocolate. 
Here is what our Manhattan Family Fall trip looked like……
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