Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Creation Inspiration

Here in NYC we are beginning to plan our 2015 Creative Arts Camp.  I have been searching for some inspiration, and a friend turned me onto Chanel's most recent show. I think we have just the right talent to pull this off. 

Mil Besos,


Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Year, New Baby, New HOUSE?!

This past year has been huge for us in so many ways that I can hardly believe how much has happened when I look back over it all.  Jady was offered the position of head minster at our amazing church here in Louisville, we went to Germany for him to finish his PhD, and after years of praying for kids we're expecting our first baby in April.  All HUGE.  All amazing.  Don't get me wrong- there have been plenty of hard things and challenges along the way, too (it is real life, after all), but I'm so thankful for what we've been given this year.

So, since we didn't really have much going on otherwise... (that's a joke;-)), we decided why not throw another major life change into the mix?  

We. Bought. A. House!  

We adore the house we already own and have lived in and renovated over these past two + years, and we didn't really *need* to move anytime soon.  But we had been "just looking" in a neighborhood we'd love to move to in the future when this little gem of a 1950s time capsule came on the market.  Because it needs some work, it was listed at a great entry point price for the neighborhood, where most homes would be out of our budget.  It's dated as can be, covered in wallpaper and even has a baby blue bathroom :-) 

I've had THE best time playing around with photoshop, graph paper sketches, the HGTV home design software and the IKEA kitchen design tool online over these past few weeks as we waited for the inspection and closing.  As of this past week, it's ours!  Stay tuned for lots of projects and renovation posts, and our favorite: Before & Afters :-)




Henry has thrown me for a loop on his themed birthday party. I normally try and stay away from  Disney, cartoon character birthday themes, but what can you do when your soon to be 5 year old just wants a good old fashion cartoon party.  H loves the Wild Kratts and all things animal, so I have begun gathering ideas to put a spin on his party.  I want to stay true to what he wants, while at the same time adding some original thought to his theme. 

Wish me luck!!!!

via pinterest

Mil Besos,


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back In Action

We have finally returned to NYC and are beginning to get settled into the New Year.  I am a little giddy thinking of what I have in store this weekend. Liza is coming to town, and we are going to be busy baby shopping and celebrating our dear friend Lindsay's engagement. Just when I thought the parties of  Dec. would stop, I think Jan. is the NEW December. 

I am excited to hit up my favorite spots! Of course we will begin at Zara's. Just look at my favorite picks so far.....

What is there NOT to love about baby clothing these days?

Happy Days,


Monday, January 12, 2015

Thawing Out

This weekend, we have been visiting my parents in AZ, what a relief to leave 2 degree weather.  Hello 75 degrees!!!! The reason we are on our little getaway is to celebrate my father's new seat as a city council member. He is the first Latino EVER, so we are so proud and excited to be part of history. 

We threw my dad a little get together on Sat. and the party continues through Tuesday. I love a party!!!  When I arrived from the airport my dad, said they needed my help. Of course I was more then willing and happy to pop over to Target for all our party decor. When in Rome.....

I love Target's party line, they are always coming up with the best decor. 

Happy January!!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year

The Rev. and I took a deep breath after Christmas and have found ourselves in the FULL swing of 2015. The calendar for the spring is set and is in motion. 

 The Rev. and I had countless parties, lots of ice skating, and good old fashion family time.  

I tend not to make resolutions for the New Year but definitely have hopes for 2015, including more blogging :)

Happy New Year

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