Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whimsical Wallpaper

Over all of our years of trial and error DIYing and projects, one thing we have never tried before is wallpapering.  I remember when we were first married we were given some advice-- something about how the worst thing you could possibly do during your first year of marriage was try to wallpaper a bathroom!  The mess, the precision needed and the permanence of your mistakes definitely would call for great teamwork-- and a sense of humor.

One reason we haven't ever tackled this project before is the cost-- wallpaper is ExPenSive.  So if you're not staying in your house long (like when we were in seminary) or if you're renting (like our years in Europe), it just doesn't make sense to invest in rolls and rolls of the precious stuff.  BUT, now that we're settled into our happy new lives in Louisville, I think we could justify it (right? :)).  

I'm not sure we'll be up for this semi-intimidating project anytime soon (we have a deck to build before that happens!), but it's fun to think about.  And wallpapering doesn't have to break the bank too badly, since small rooms, little hallways and bathrooms all look fabulous with pattern.  (Check out a post I did back in Vienna on wallpaper in small doses here.)

When I was a child I used to love any wallpaper or print with a sense of whimsy, and I still do-- something you can lose yourself in, that captures your imagination.  Why not have a little fun with it? Especially if it's going to be on your walls for a long time.

Mel & Liza

Amy Lau Design

Angela Gutekunst Interiors


Diane Bergeron Interiors

Martha O'Hara Interiors

House of Ruby Interior Design

Birdcage by Thibaut

Shantung Silhouette by Schumacher 

Deer Damask in Duck Egg Blue

Have you ever tried to wallpaper before?



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