Friday, November 18, 2011

A little Martha

Being part of Martha Stewart's studio audience was so much fun! I was especially pleased to be accompanied by Frances Bailey, another true fan.  

My Monday
I woke up at 6:30 AM to get ready. Martha loves the audience to be in bright colors, so I chose this blood orange colored skirt (jcrew) & fun floral sweater.

This little one wanted to join in the fun- who could blame her? She loves crafts, too!!! 
8:30 AM& Loving Life!!!!

The episode aired November 14th, & Martha was, of course, preparing us all for Thanksgiving.  She shared tips on carving, vegan side dishes, and she shared a lovely craft for children. Martha was in wonderful form, knowledgable & fun all in one. I would definitely enter to win tickets on Martha; it is worth the effort!
Martha did have some floral tips for unique centerpieces, mentioning the Japanese Lanterns.  The show got me thinking about my own centerpieces for next week. On Tuesday I will share a floral tutorial inspired by Thanksgiving. 

Remember my Monday mention of my messy desk? 

Last week we were all inspired by Liza's beautiful paint job & ebay find.  I thought to myself, what could I improve with a splash of leftover white paint? 
What a difference a little paint, a yard of fabric, and a staple gun makes. We have a fresh new look! 

Happy Friday,


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  1. Wow Mel, sounds like a great time at Martha Stewart's show. So glad you had this opportunity. Love what you did with the office furniture.


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