Friday, December 16, 2011

F & F

It is Friday and I have some blooming inspiration. You know that we are almost a week from Christmas. If you are having guests over for the holidays & are planning on making some arrangements, here are a few ideas.  Remember order your stems ahead of time from the florist and pick then up Friday the 23rd.  

The Christmas Story 

The Wreath

I love the shape of these modern wreaths. I bought one, not to hang, but to use as an arrangement. 

What do you think of this shape?

I made an arrangement of red peonies, gray berries, and placed the arrangement in the middle of the wreath. I love the effect. You get more bang for your buck. Wouldn't this arrangement be perfect for a farm table?

Another Yarn inspiration on the WREATH
by West Elm

Here are a few more modern arrangements. 

Simply take your shears to your tree, and you will have plenty to decorate with.

These are a few ideas around my house I just threw together. 

White Peonies with garland are so fragrant.

I love combining tradition with modern design; I feel it pays respect to the past while living in the present. 

And for those of us with no arranging time, buying these painted white branches will add a sense of occasion with minimal labor. Simply add these branches to a large vase, they will definitely make a statement.

West Elm makes decorating EASY
I can imagine placing these trees as centerpieces throughout the entire season.

Isn't this candelabra beautiful?  I can imaging escaping to the country and placing this centerpiece on a farm table.

Happy Arranging!!!



If your looking for a book to read over the holidays with your family, " The Greatest Gift" is good looking and also inspired the film 
" Its a Wonderful Life." 

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