Monday, January 2, 2012

All things Coco

Happy New Year's!!! 
Liza and I are looking forward to what life brings in 2012-- hopefully the Mayans have it wrong and we will have many years ahead of us all. In any case, New Year's is the opportune time to re-examine your life, and many of us end up making resolutions.  For myself, I have given up on such things and would rather approach life one day at a time, with a little curiosity, beauty, & hope.  

Each Monday we seek and hope to share inspiration for the everyday.  I say with a little curiosity, you will find it right under your nose; in this case CLOTHES.

First up for our New Year's inspiration is the timeless Coco Chanel. 
A woman born of no means, raised by nuns, but with vision lived a life that continues to inspire. 


When you think about what she has done for women you can easily compare her to Steve Jobs.  She took what was the most UNCOMFORTABLE women's wear, the corset, & changed our experience forever. Coco simply took some old jersey material and turned it into a dress, thus introducing comfort and beauty to the everyday--this was just the beginning.  I am telling you, the woman reinvented women's wear completely.

As Coco says, " luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." 

Did you know Diane Keaton was not the first to bring men's wear to the forefront of women's fashion?  I the love the mixture of men's wear and women's wear. With the right look you can achieve comfort, sophistication, and confidence.  Coco Chanel understood this idea and managed to achieve it. 

What is not to love? 

The suit: I dream of owning one someday-- the suit was a game changer for women everywhere.

  And we are indebted to Coco for her reinvention of the "little black dress." She took what was used only for mourning and brought night life and elegance to us all. 

Last but not least, Coco brought us Chanel No. 5.
"Perfume is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory for fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure."
Coco not only brought us fashion, she was a true visionary.
Get curious this year, and you are bound to be inspired!




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