Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday in Narnia

The week started with a BANG. Our Creative Arts Camp is in full swing, and we have had over 70 kiddos join us. What has been so amazing is our volunteer effort. I am truly inspired.  Have you ever experienced friends joining together in one purpose and sharing their amazing talents?  That is exactly what we are experiencing this week, and our neighborhood kiddos are the beneficiaries.  

We have professional actors and designers giving of their time. This has been such a lovely event to put on, and luckily we have four more days left. 

We made spring trees from paper flowers, and our actors have literally brought Narnia to life. I simply made three large flowers per birch stem and wired them together. I used my handy staple gun and secured the wire to the trees. I am THRILLED with the results. These trees will not go to waste afterward. We are going to use them in our Sunday school rooms and will probably take a few home for Sophia's bedroom. 

Our crafts are sooo thoughtful.  Tomorrow we are making snow globes, and what kid doesn't love a snow globe? They are so simple to make. I used frosting spray for the outside, we bought lots of beautiful glitter for the inside and we have glittered twigs along with a lamppost. I will definitely take some snapshots. 

I am in for a busy week, but totally worth it, and you know here at Mel & Liza we LOVE a project! If you are in the area, join us!!!




  1. Awesome! This deserves at least one more post. Get it, St. G's!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I love this type of event!!!


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