Monday, October 15, 2012


Last weekend went by in a FLASH. My daughter S asked for a "surprise" party this year, and she was very clear about it so we went for it.  When choosing a theme, I decided to go for Neverland meets whimsical. For today, I will show you the bones of the party and Wednesday our total reveal. Let me just say, the party was really fun for me and the adults involved. I was really taken aback and so was S.

Here are my rules of thumb when approaching a party; 

My focus is always on the decor and vibe of a party, so I always order in beautiful fun food, so I don't stress over the stove all the while prepping for a party. This rule lets me off the hook, and I can approach each detail of the party freely. 

I always focus on a few colors, this ties any event together. for this event my colors were lime green, orange, pink, and teal.

My daughter loves Neverland, and her favorite nanny is always making up adventures of Neverland for her. So, i wanted to create a setting that allowed for fantasy to take place. 

One thing I knew for certain was I wanted to make tee-pees and feathered headdresses for the children to wear. So, the week before the party I made the tee-pees and feather headbands, which only took a couple of hours. For the easiest feather bands all you need are burlap or felt, feathers, glue, and ribbon. I personally love the burlap, but if you are including children on the project, felt is easier to work with. Part of the fun of this party were all the adults involved.  My friend Lindsay agreed to be our Neverland stylist. 

Since Sophia LOVES to craft I decided to make crafting the main event. The children were given a variety of projects to work such as mini tee-pees, pirate maps, feather bands, lost boy huts, and beaded bracelets.

We also had a fabulous story time from Nia James. S loves stories, and this time of the party was a favorite. 

My MAIN rule when approaching a party is to imagine what the recipient would want and delve into the details of their favorite theme. Coming up with ONE main idea then finding the details that make the theme come alive is most important. 

Come back Wednesday for our further reveal!!!


  1. This looks like the MOST fun party! I am SO impressed and can't wait to see the big reveal on Wednesday!!

  2. This party was AMAZING, great job Mel! And you are right, the adults had a great time too!

  3. Little S was so delighted with everything! Good job Mel =)

  4. Thanks everyone!! It was so much fun


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