Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Faux Flowers

What are your thoughts on faux flowers?  For me, the answer was NEVER, until a friend asked me to arrange a few faux mixes.  I had never attempted such a task, but I knew if I went to the flower district here in Manhattan, I would soon have all my questions answered. 

In this process I learned A) you NEED quality silk flowers (don't be CHEAP or it will look FAKE), and B) you can buy gel liquid that hardens so you have the effect of water in a vase. I think the gel water really is the way to go, because you really cannot tell the flowers are silk. 

Now, when selecting flowers your making a real investment, so you need to think about color and type. Since peonies, lilacs, and roses are a common flower most people find attractive I selected within these varieties. 



I selected poppies and peonies for my first go. You simply arrange your flowers prior to placing them in your vase. Cut your flowers down according to the depth of your vase and determine how much height you like. I like to keep my arrangements low, that way if you need to place them on the dinner table you can still see your company. Now, the first step is to pour your resin and hardener together then add your pre-arranged flowers. You must not move your flowers for 24 hours after arranging them, so they will harden properly.


For my second arrangement I selected pink peonies and lilac. I say if your going to commit to a faux flower arrangement, select flowers that are sentimental and in a versatile color.


Roses are like diamonds; a girl can love this variety forever. I choose red because if you are like me, who doesn't have too much color around the house, then red is perfect for you. Every home ought to have a dash of red or pink. 

I just love how the red in these faux flowers just brings the right pop to an ordinary space. Email me if you are thinking of attempting a faux arrangement. It is a fun challenge and literally will last forever. 

Besos & Happy Arranging!



  1. Hi! I read your blog from time to time and while I've never done fake floral arrangements, I do have fun playing around with what's in my garden. I am new to blogging but here's what I've been up to in those regards

  2. Wow, nice flowers to see here, its amazing to trim flowers for their longer shelf life, i liked these flowers and these inspired me to get similar ones from Bangalore Flower Delivery team in Bay area for my wife, i often buy and trim flowers by myself only.


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