Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plant Two on Me

As I mentioned earlier, our front door area is up for a makeover pretty soon, and I'm hoping that doesn't just involve painting the door.  Lots of our neighbors have made great use of the double planter look, and I would love to keep up with the Joneses-- in this respect.  

Substantial, stately looking urns and planters are most often not cheap-- this one that I adore from Neiman Marcus is more than 1,000 for a pair-- so I started to keep an eye out for more affordable options.

When choosing garden planters or urns, be sure first of all to double check that they are suitable for outdoor use, as weathering and freezing temperatures can damage pots only meant for indoors.  There is a variety of materials available these days, and stone, poured concrete, fiberglass, styrofoam, plastic and wood are all winter and weather hardy materials.  Terracotta pots are unable to withstand freezing temperatures, and glazed ceramic pots are better but still risky.  Look for a pretty shape, since from a distance you'll mostly see the overall color and silhouette, but also be sure that it doesn't look cheap on closer inspection.  My search got off to a good start at Target, where I happened to notice some handsome options in the garden section.  

Here are some fun options, all of which come in under $120.

This one has a pretty basketweave neck that sets it apart, and it comes in many finish options to suit your own color scheme.

And if you decide you want to up the elegance factor even more, order yourself a pair of pedestals for under your urns. 



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  1. Oh Liza, I wish you could go to Ivy Nursery here in CVille, it's got the most divine and cultivated collection of planters! If you make it down here for mockingbird, I'm definitely taking you!!

    Ivy Nursery


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