Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Elephant Birthday Party

We are now on the other side of Henry's Elephant birthday party, and I am so happy to share our little elephant costume DIY today. I promise you, these costumes were simple and easy to pull together. Here is how it all went to down. 

I simply purchased a variety of brightly colored felt along with a fair amount of gray felt for our elephant ears. I bought all my felt at Michael's because you can find so many great colors, and at just 29 cents each, you really can't beat that price. I then decided to use headbands to attach our cut out felt ears to. I found a package of 6 headbands for 2.99 at Target. What a deal, and the headbands come in a variety of colors. 

We completed the ears easily on a Sunday afternoon. Simply make a template of a left and right ear, trace them and cut them out of felt. I used a hot glue to adhere each ear to a headband. For fun we created a variety of sizes, so we could have baby elephants, too. 

I don't know about you but, I am loving ROVING WOOL these days, and Martha Stewart has a fabulous line of this soft, chunky wool yarn in a variety of colors. I was thrilled to find such fun yarn for our elephant trunks. RIGHT NOW, the same wool is on sale at Lion's Yarn at 1.99-- what a deal. 

I simply stitched alternating rows of PURL & ENGLISH stitches. My rows were between 15 to 20 stitches per spool of yarn.  Once I had knitted all of the forms, I stuffed them with batting to give more shape to our trunks. I then used a bright pink satin ribbon to tie the trunks around each child's head. The boys did not seem to mind the little punch of pink. 
 One mom pointed out the trunks could also function as tails-- what a great idea!

With our trunks and ears in place our kids where ready to be transformed by my dear friend Jackie. Jackie is a fabulous children's drama instructor, yoga teacher, and actress.  The kids LOVE her and followed her lead into a imaginary elephant adventure, with a few yoga moves in play.

The kids had a fabulous time playing make-believe and running around the tents. With just some yarn, felt, a glue gun, and some tents our home was transformed. I love taking the simplest of textiles and turning them into something unexpected.

 Come back Thursday for our FULL decor reveal.

Mil Besos!


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