Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Survival

Hi all! I hope you are well this Monday morning. My family and I are holding up here in NYC and waiting out storm Sandy. I guess I didn't realize how serious this storm really is until I left church yesterday and saw the crazy lines spilling out the doors of so many grocery stores. I then realized we didn't have much in terms of food at home and knew I would have to jump in a line somewhere. 

Since it's not that practical to head to a cheese shop for hurricane supplies, I figured lines would be more normal at Bedford Cheese. H and I stopped in stocked up on chocolates, parmagiano, Nutella, fancy crackers, olives, plenty of salami, and coffee. I figured these are PERFECT snacks if the power goes out, no refrigeration needed.  I also made sure we had the proper drinking provisions, sparking water, vino, and prosecco. 

When you are facing a storm, it is, of course, best to be prepared. So, I began to cook up some staples that could easily be warmed on our gas stove. I prepared a Mexican roast and beans. Since bread was NO where to be found, I made rice and bought enough flour to make tortillas.  


Since I knew we had time on our hands I decided to make my favorite roast recipe, which takes a good 12 hours.  UNO, sautee green onion and cilantro with olive oil. When the the pot is nice and hot I add my seasoned roast. Season the roast with fresh ground pepper, sea salt, olive oil. DOS, add fresh chopped tomatoes to the mix and two cups of water. Lastly, I season the roast with soy sauce. 
TRES, cook on the lowest degree for 12 hours, or until the roast is tender and falling apart. 

Again, with time on my side I decided to make my favorite slow cooked beans. I took two bags of pinto beans, added 6 to 8 cups of water. I then left them on low from 4pm until 8am. I like to add two packets of chicken bullion and sea salt. When they are all cooked I will use half of the beans to make a spicy Mexican bean soup, perfect for a day like today. 

Stay warm, well feed, and safe!!!



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  1. Mmmm.. these recipes look so delicious, and perfect for a day stuck inside. Thanks, Mel!


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