Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve!  Now, when your the wife of a clergyman this means a day full of activity. I love this time of year and am thrilled to be running our Christmas pageant, but that means I am extra busy. So, what to do to insure my own family has a fabulous time?  Set the table properly, be grateful my mother is here to cook, and enjoy as many cappacinos as it takes!

If you find yourself in New York this Christmas, join us for caroling in Gramercy Park; the gates are open to the public and the Gramercy Hotel provides free hot cocoa and cookies. This has become our family tradition, and I can hardly believe this will be our 7th year.

After the caroling join us for a fabulous service at 10:30. The music, and entire pageantry of the service will be moving. 

Because we are such a busy family, (and really who isn't?) I really try to keep Christmas day simple. We enjoy opening our Santa gifts before church and have a very easy brunch including quiche from Whole Foods, our favorite bacon from the farmer's market, and don't forget the mimosas. 

When it comes to Christmas we can easily become overwhelmed with expectations, so I try and remember to keep Christmas day to simple elegance, which means fancy china with simple foods. 
I hope you and yours enjoy this season of rest and togetherness. 

Merry Christmas!!!

Mel & Liza

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