Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrap it Up

One of the fun things about this time of year for me is getting to wrap so many presents.  I know it might sound a little strange, but I really do enjoy the whole process, especially if I have some really pretty paper and fun ribbon options on hand-- although it doesn't need to be anything elaborate in order to be special.  It's like a little moment of triumph;  you thought of the present, you went out and got it, made it, or baked it (not in my case:)), and this is the final, happy, creative piece that makes it ready to be handed over to the recipient.  And I find something about the methodical creasing, folding, cutting of it all to be very satisfying in an otherwise crazy busy time of year.  

Someday I will have arrived in life when I have a wrapping station like this somewhere in my house.  Who wouldn't love to wrap in this room?  Although I'm afraid I would have to hire someone to reach this level of organization...

This year I picked up a couple of rolls of wrapping paper at Home Goods and I am loving both the red reptile print and the gold and silver faux bois (which has been popping up a lot these days).  The colors are traditional for the holidays, but the prints add a fun element of surprise.  

I also picked up a bunch of cute silver and gold jingle bells from a craft store, and I love how festive and pretty they are.  What do you like to do to make your packages special?

Happy wrapping!


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  1. You need to give me a ribbon tying tutorial. Mine always come out so mangled!


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