Thursday, April 25, 2013

Be our Guest: Nurse Luna

Since the start of our blog, I have been hoping my sister would give us a little post on health products. Marissa is an RN and all around fun person to be around. So, when she agreed to share what she is up to and how we can be healthier, I was so pleased and am happy to share her wisdom.

Optimal Health!

With spring here and farmers markets bursting with color and so many varieties of fruits and vegetables, I can't help, but want to get back into my health groove and take advantage of all the great organic products and start moving my behind out in this wonderful weather. I don't know about you, but I could always make adjustments to my health to be better to my body. I've found that small adjustments over time produce big results. This year I lost 35lbs by making small adjustments in diet, activity and lifestyle. One of the biggest enhancements to my weightloss and quest for health was the addition of taking daily vitamins and supplements. I already thought I was eating a pretty healthy diet, but didn't realize until I saw this video, how much I was actually lacking.
Check out the video HERE.
It's amazing how we deprive our bodies everyday and it is so easy and simple to take good vitamins every day.
Now, I wanted to be sure I was choosing a good viatmin out there and not one full of synthetics. So many of the vitamins out there are full of fillers that don't allow us to get the full benefit of the vitamin, and much of our vitamins/supplements are digested without being properly absorbed. I found that the Nutrillite brand of vitamins are the #1 vitamins in the world and are highly regulated on organic farms. Here is a video with more information on Nutrillite.
Check out the video HERE
Nutrillite offers so manywonderful vitamins and supplements for adults and kids. The kids have fun vitamin options to choose, from gummies, Pops (like Pop Rocks), to chewables. I take the Double X which is an amazing multivitmin, ocean essentials (for Omega-3's), and a supplement for hair,skin and nails. I am so confident that these vitamins and supplements have helped me and continue to help me along the way, I now sell them among an aray of other high quaility products.
If you are interested in optimal health and providing you and your family with a high quality organic vitamin, I highly recommend Nutrillite. They come with a 180 day money back really can't beat that! You could even send the empty bottle back and you'll get all of your money refunded, no questions asked. These vitamins however, are exclusive, and can only be purchased through an Independent Business Owner (Me). If interested, email me at mlunaenterprises@gmail.comwith your name, email, and home address to get started. I'll even give all new customers 10% off!
I hope you make one small baby step today to enhance your health and the health of those you love!

Check it out!!!

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