Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Birthday and Tiger Print

Yesterday was Jake's birthday, and I will admit I was a bit behind in planning. I basically sent out invitations on Monday, good thing people LOVE the Rev., because we had 15 of his favorite people over. This year, I thought I ought to host something a little unexpected, so I put my thinking cap on and hit Party City. Since I am usually pretty predicable with my party decor choices, I thought to change it up a bit with animal prints, rainbow prints, and a fun variety of Jake's favorite foods. I say keep it simple and go for what you know your guest of honor will love. 


Our Comida

A favorite spot for us in the city is Lantern (Thai food), and every time we order Jake is always tempted by the fried duck burrito, but he talks himself off the ledge, because honestly what man over the age of 35 needs to eat a fried duck burrito?! Well, on a birthday exceptions can be made.  Jake also loves steamed dumplings, so I called up a friend in China town to pick up a few orders. Matt did us better, he made them in our kitchen during the party, so we ended up with a dumpling bar. Jake could not have been happier! 

Jake loves Dark and Stormies (Rum and Ginger Beer), and we had plenty of bubbly and Old Fashions. Jake was pretty pleased with all  of our fun cocktails. 

Mil Besos Jake! 



  1. What a fun looking party! You do the best job of decorating for and hosting parties at your place, Mel! Happy Birthday to Jacob! xo

  2. Seriously inspiring! How do you do it all, Melina! You've inspired me to do something special for Alex.


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