Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bedside Lighting in a Tight Spot

The "middle room," as we often call it (we're very descriptive around here-- it's in the between the other two upstairs bedrooms...), has recently undergone a transformation from dusty, chaotic storage area/ workshop into a minimalist guest bedroom (see the full post here).  Before my Mother's visit last week I wanted to make a few more improvements and make the space a little more comfortable for her.  There's nothing like houseguests for motivation!  Along with more floor painting and sealing that needed to be done, I also wanted to solve the problem of a bedside light. Since the space can only handle the tiniest of tables, using a lamp is impractical; as the lucky guest, you're left with enough space for a phone and half a book-- less than ideal, I'd say.

So I started keeping an eye out at antique and second hand stores for a wall sconce to free up some bedside table space and was delighted to run across this guy a couple of weeks ago.  I love the rope texture combined with the delicate flower detail, and I always have a weakness for anything gilded.

The shade I found to fit it cost an amazing 8 dollars at Walmart!  I wouldn't say Walmart is necessarily the first place you should look for good looking lampshades, but I happened to be there and was impressed that a few of their options were pretty cute-- and the price unbelievable.  

Getting there, one step at a time!



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