Monday, May 20, 2013

Sewing a Box Pleated Bedskirt

As we have been working on clearing out our middle room upstairs, it has again become clear that we need to come up with some new ways of finding extra storage space.  With no accesible attic space and only a tiny cellar, storing off season clothes and less used items  poses a bit of a challenge-- and up to this point we have just been stacking unsightly plastic bins in corners all over the upstairs.  

We decided our best option would be to raise up our bed and pack every square inch underneath with boxes.  I picked up these plastic risers from Walmart, which give us an extra six inches of height and another layer of under bed storage bins.  Functional, for sure, but without an extra long bedskirt to hide our new system, our bedroom was feeling a bit too much like a college dorm.

I happened to find a bolt of sale fabric a while back that would work in our room, a soft green, knobby weave, so I started googling instructions on how to sew your own bedskirt.  To be sure I wouldn't be short on material, I looked up how much fabric I would need using J&O's yardage chart:

As the base for the bedskirt I used an old fitted sheet around the box springs.  Then I measured the height of the drop, the length and width of the mattress and calculated the extra fabric for each pleat. After researching several other DIYers, I ended up using this description of how to measure and sew, modified slightly.  

These are the best under bed storage boxes I have found, by the way, since the dimensions are just right for fitting the maximum amount under a queen sized bed-- and they also make them for twin/king beds.  

Thankfully now you can no longer see that we have eight of these guys stored under there!  

Happy Monday!



  1. Looks nice! I have also seen this done without a sheet to go over the box spring. The skirt needs about a 3 inch flange at the top and you use those upholstery corkscrew curved wire things to poke through the flange and screw the skirt to the bed. The skirt can be in three pieces with some overlap for the corners. Great alternative for a big bed with a heavy mattress that you don't want to lift off.

    1. Ralinda, that is such a great tip! I'll use that next time when I don't want to take off the top mattress-- thanks!

  2. wow! this is SO impressive! I just got mine made a few months ago, but this makes me wish I would have been up for the challenge! looks great!

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