Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Master Bath Mirror Makeover

We are celebrating some progress around here!  Once we finished priming, painting and tiling our master bathroom months ago, I have to confess I moved on to other projects.  So much in the house was demanding my immediate attention that the moment the master bath was livable, I put off finishing it until later... much later!  One benefit to waiting was that it gave us some time to think through what we wanted for the mirror situation over the double sinks.

At first I thought we might just install a wall of mirrors, or even hang two matching ones up-- but after living with the temporary set up for a while, it became pretty clear that we could definitely use some more storage.  I hunted down some mirrored medicine cabinets with a size and price that fit and called a couple of mirror companies to come give us estimates for what we wanted.

This room really isn't very big, so in order to open it up some and take advantage of the great natural light, I still wanted to cover the whole wall in mirror.  Surrounding the two built in medicine cabinets made this a bit more of a challenge, but they made it work!    And we are loving finally having a finished bathroom:)

Here's the before: note the lovely holes in the drywall, temporary mirrors and the huge mess of products overwhelming our countertop.

And the after:



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