Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Hunt: Outdoor Seating

This week we have really turned a corner with the deck building and can see the progress we've made.  I can't wait to show you the finished result!!  Now that the finish line is in sight, I am starting to think about outdoor furniture to fill up all of this brand new square footage we've got.  Part of our motivation for knocking this deck project out is that in September we'll be hosting a few parties, and having a lounge area set up by then is definitely a priority.

We already have some patio furniture, so we're off to a good start.  Since I still like the wrought iron look we have we'll most likely stick with that, but with just a table and chairs we definitely need a whole seating area.  I'm thinking a full sized couch would utilize the space we have available (it's not a small deck), plus a few arm chairs and tables.

The good news is that this late in the summer is the perfect time to be in the market for outdoor furniture, since everywhere seems to be offering a sale to clear out their inventory before the fall.  The bad news is, this stuff can be expensive, even with the sales.  We want it to look good and be comfortable, but I'd also rather not spend a fortune on furniture that we won't be using year round anyway.  So once again on the hunt, here are a few things I've turned up:

I like that this set from Overstock comes with a full sized couch and a love seat, and the pretty slim lines of the legs and arms are just what I'm looking for.  That scrollwork on the backs is maybe a little much, but I think I could live with it for the sake of the overall look and price.

Here's a version from Lowe's that looks like it could be comfortable, but weirdly they're not offering a sale yet!  I'll have to keep an eye on it...

I love this little set from Home Depot, and it's a great deal, but like most seating groups available out there, you can only get it with a love seat-- not a full sized sofa.  Sigh.

Home Depot also sells this four piece group, which has some potential.

If I *were* going to switch to the wicker team, this sofa from Pottery Barn would make me do it.

Of all of the outdoor furniture sets I have seen by now, Suzanne Kasler's Directoire line for Ballard Designs is the one I can't seem to forget.  I called the outlet store in Ohio hoping they might have one for sale there, but sadly they only had the dining furniture available.  The regular Ballard price is competitive, so I'd consider just ordering it-- except it says online it's available to ship in February.  Boo!  There's just no way I can wait that long.  After all of this hard work, I'm planning on enjoying this deck as much as possible before winter.  So I'll cross it off the list for now.

Another option I'm considering is to find a decent looking second hand wrought iron sofa or set and refurbish it with a coat of paint and new outdoor cushions.  I've already found a couple of possible candidates in and around Louisville, and the good news is these things usually sell for less than $200.  Picture it: This guy:

Or this set:

... plus any of these:

Do you have outdoor furniture that you love?  Let me know if you've seen any great deals out there!



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