Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Country Finds

When you are clergy, that usually means you live on a budget.  So, when I was facing decorating a large space on a minister's budget, I knew I had to think outiside the box.  Each summer the Rev. and I head upstate for our family vacation. While we were away I took advantage of thrift shopping, yard sales, and estate sales. I am so pleased with all our wonderful finds.  Most of the pieces I found where less then 20.00 dollars and many less then 10.00. There is much satisfaction found in the treasure hunt. All of my finds required a bit of a clean up and new paint job.  I love revitalizing old pieces

 Here are just a few finds...

Future home of my lemon tree....

 Just a few cans of spray paint and the kids had some fabulous stools.

I wanted the H to be in the original color, since I love the effect of having the old paint job with the new. 

Sophia asked for a teal stool. So, with a little teal and gold metallic we went from a rusty red stool to teal.

With just a dash of paint we had a new gray window with a barn cabinet together totaling 20.00. I repainted the cabinet white, gray/blue, and gold. The piece was originally yellow. 

The best thrifting finds are antique lamps. If you know about lighting, you know how much lamps can run, especially if they are unique. I hit the jackpot of finds. All my small lamps ranged from 1 to 3 dollars1 I say check your local thrift shops for lighting before spending the big bucks. This can save you in your budget for other fun buys. 

Happy Thrifting!!!


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