Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Will Travel for Deals

I'm excited, since today I have such a fun day planned!!  For ages I have been wanting to take a trip to IKEA and the Ballard Designs Outlet, which are right around the corner from each other just outside of Cincinnati-- so less than two hours away from Louisville.  It's a far enough drive that I don't ever go unless there's something I know I want that I can only get the best deal on at one of those two places.  In fact, our living room rug came from the Ballard Designs Outlet, and the 1/2 off of the retail price we got it for made the trip absolutely worth it.

The reason I'm going this week is that Lindsay's dining room table is painted and ready to be used-- but she's missing chairs still!  After playing around with different directions we could go with the space, we decided that the clean, modern and youthful vibe of lucite chairs would add just the right mix to her apartment, which already has some more traditional elements.

You can spend a fortune on lucite if you want, but we needed a deal, especially since Lindsay needs six chairs, which adds up fast.  No surprise here: IKEA
's TOBIAS chairs turned out to be wildly less expensive than every other option and are a steal at $79 each.  Don't you think these are going to look so cool with her more traditional, glossy gray dining room table?  I can't wait to show you the reveal soon!

Of course while I'm there I'll be sure to check out both IKEA and Ballard Designs to see what all I can't live without and just didn't realize I needed:)



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  1. You are amazing and I'm Sooooo excited about the chairs! Thank you!!!


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