Friday, January 31, 2014

Off to Paris....

Hello Friday!
 I am more than pleased to say January is behind us. With temps below freezing and lots of snow, I am hoping we are truly headed towards spring. Speaking of light at the end of the tunnel. 6 months ago a dear friend gave me a weekend getaway to any European city of my choosing. I have finally received my updated passport, and I am left wondering which city will I visit. 

When thinking through my choices, Rome, Milan, or Paris I thought to make a list of pros and cons.

Here is a little insight in how Liza and I both travel. We organize our trips around meals, shopping, and a tad of sight-seeing (we don't want to be totally indulgent). So, in the end I picked PARIS. Why, because of course there are so many important sights to see, the Eiffel Tower etc..... but, what hooked me in where the Parisian flea markets. I can already imagine all the beautiful little treasures I would find and could not live without. 
When traveling I always love to visit flea markets, you find the best bits of history and nostalgia. If I am able to find something that lives in my home with its very own place, I am always taken back to city from which the item originated and am reminded of wonderful memories. Also, it is so romantic to think of these little treasures we find traveling all over the world, from one home to the next. 

I know just dreaming up my little weekend escape is going to get us through a few more weeks of dreary winter weather and now I left with the dilemma of what to pack. Paris street style here I come!



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