Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Survival

Here in New York we have been experiencing our coldest winter in over 18 years, and this Arizona girl is not particularly fond of the temperatures dipping below 30. So, you can imagine I had my thinking cap on when we were preparing for this week. 

Let me tell you, we have had our fair share of soups, hardy french bread, and indoor play. My kids are not from the desert, but sure have acted like it all week. Henry refused every morning to leave the house and S has been requesting a ride in the wagon to school to stay warm. I may or may not have taken Henry in a cab to school just four blocks away. You get the point-- the kids would not leave the house, and indoor play has been non-negotiable. 




I have been through almost every type of art kit for kids available, and the most impressed I have been with are the box easels my Tita sent us for Christmas. They are organized and a perfect project for your kids to take seriously. S and H will spend an hour working on a painting or drawing I think because of how sophisticated they feel with their very grown-up kits. You can buy them online at Michaels, Amazon, or Blick. Our kits are organized into three levels: oils, water colors, and acrylics. If you are like me and you don't like a big mess, steer the kids towards the water colors and acrylics. Their work dries quickly and there is an easy mess to wipe down. 

Have you heard of Mudpuppy
They create fun and easy tear away masks for kids. You simply tear away the mask and color them in. The Rev. picked these up for the kids on Monday, and they have entertained themselves and us in the late afternoons, just about the time you would let the kids run around before supper. Since outdoors is NOT an option we are having fun playing make-believe.

If you have not ordered your copy of FEAST, the beautiful new cookbook by my friend Sarah, or picked it up at your local Anthropolgie, then you must before the end of winter. We have been making soups all week long and let me tell you, they have been so delicious and satisfying. 

Hope you're warm and cozy today!


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