Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mockingbird: AL FIN

After months of planning, gallons of cappuccinos from Maialinos, and lots of texting we have finally arrived to the finale of Mockingbird. The conference was much more then I could have imagined. The speakers were insightful, inspiring, and provocative. New friends were made and old friends were reunited. What more could you want in a conference? 

Now, when I was approaching the Mockingbird conference I knew I wanted to integrate the words from the blog and magazine into the table settings. Mockingbird is most popularly known as a blog and the writers for it are a group that takes words seriously. With that being said, I knew the written WORD ought to be our centerpiece. 


 So, I asked a few really good friends to help make my table runner dreams happen. Ginger Oakes, Jackie Demarco, and Nia Kiesow spent hours in my home for the past week doodling. They came up with fantastic illustrations, and in the end were truly appreciated by all the attendees. 

After the first supper we replaced the table runners with blank black chalkboard paper. This time the attendees had a go at their own doodles. I just love an interactive meal, and doodling gets everyone talking!!!

P.S. LIZA made an appearance, can I say HIGHLIGHT!

If you are interested in the talks or the Mockingbird blog, check out their website. You can catch the talks online in the coming weeks. Let me just say, you will not regret giving a listen, too. 


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