Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brrrrit Chic

We had a sudden snap of cold weather a few weeks ago here in Vienna, and it has been rainy and chilly ever since—perfect cozy, stay-at-home weather. But what about when we need actually to go out of the house? Lately I have been drawn to all things British for inspiration on how to stay warm (and dry!) and still look cute and put together. Corduroy, toggle coats, tweed jackets and wellies— they know what they’re doing with cold and rainy weather!

Going out:
I love how this one dramatic piece can instantly change a whole look.

Hunter-Wellington Boots

The classics! And they're actually really comfortable.

A tweedy menswear boot for fall.

Love this Orange Tweed!

And for staying home and watching the weather from inside:

I'm definitely feeling more in the mood for chilly fall weather with these. Stay warm!



  1. I love the orange coat and everyone def should have a pair of Hunter Wellies

  2. I've been wanting to get a pair of Hunter's for years and every time I almost do, it seems extroidinarily sunny and hard to justify the purchase.

    What color are yours? the classic green?

    I just bought this blazer for the season and am loving it. It was on sale at the Lynchburg warehouse for $50!


    What do you guys think about capes this year? I keep seeing them everywhere!

  4. I am going to get the boots from Santa this year, I am going with the classic green. Love the capes.


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