Monday, November 7, 2011

Dangers of eBay over the Weekend

Every now and then I browse through (the Austrian version) just to see if there's anything I can't live without in the antiques or furniture sections, and usually I find something. But since we're not desperate for any furniture these days, I have a very low threshold for how much I'm willing to pay.

The other day, though, I was thinking about my painting "studio" (which is really just a corner in our kitchen/dining room) and how I could really use something in which to put everything away and make it look tidy. Then I found this bad boy on eBay:

I love the woodwork on the front and the great storage inside the desk, and I immediately imagined it with a couple of coats of oil based paint. It also had one very important thing for eBay items going for it: the owners had only posted two tiny photos of it and not much description, so only shoppers determined to see its potential would bid-- perfect for me! In the end I paid 15.50 for it. I love eBay!

Here's what I'm thinking for a color inspiration, courtesy of LGN:

Here is a shot of what this desk will be helping to clean up:

Now you know what my Monday will look like, covered in primer and paint. Stay tuned for the reveal once it's finished!



  1. You are so creative Liza. Love seeing what you and Mel create.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product!! Can't believe how little you paid for it. How did you get it delivered? That's the one part that confuses me with furniture bought via Ebay... I've only ventured into the clothes and accessories land on Ebay, but would love to expand my bidding abilities!
    Also, Dave makes fun of me because my account name on Ebay is catewest123456


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