Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Finale

For weeks I have been talking about my sewing projects with old Dwell materials.
DRUM ROLL PLEASE............. Here is the finished product:

I not only feel really good about the project, I just can't help but think how good looking Dwell Studio design is. To think this entire project is made up of sheets and a bumper.

I think it is the perfect project for a boy who is growing and for a mother trying to capture memories. I am thinking this project could inspire another great recycling endeavor. Jake was recently given some old Hermes ties--
hmmm what shall we do with those?
What weekend projects do you have up your sleeve?

Worth Checking Out
If you're in the NYC area I suggest you skip Occupy Wall Street and head over to the MoMa. It has been 80 years since Diego Rivera exhibited his 1930s murals. At the MoMa you will find an inspiring depiction of the 1930s struggle through art.
BTW if you go after 4pm on Friday you get in FREE!!!!

Diego Rivera

Agrarian Leader Zapata
Frozen Assets
And if your looking for some weekend inspiration there is always the NYC Marathon, which takes place this Sunday. Cheering or running along is a must if you find yourself in the city.

Happy Friday!!!



  1. What a great project, Mel!! The bedspread and pillows look amazing, and you did such a good job! Very inspiring:)

  2. It was so much fun making. Don;t you get bummed out as the kids get older. This was a perfect way for me to deal and reuse all at the same time!

  3. Proud of your creativity with sewing...from one seamstress to another.

  4. I need to 1)get a sewing machine, 2)learn how to sew again, and 3)find some time for a project!! Looks good!

  5. Thanks Aya, I just took two short lessons from a great seamstress and I figured out the basics. Its so fun I am thinking of some fun projects for Christmas. Hmmmmm.....


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