Monday, November 14, 2011

(H)allways on My Mind

Today I'm dreaming of living in an apartment or house with a gorgeous front hall or entryway. Ours at the moment is arranged more out of necessity than design, although we try to keep it both functional (there are no closets in the apartment, so storage is key) and welcoming.

The two chairs are extra dining room set that we don't have space to store in the actual dining room, so we keep them here whenever we aren't having a large dinner party. The second hand kneeler is such a fun piece, but we don't have space for it anywhere else at the moment, so it's taking the place of a table here.

I love the symmetry of hallways with two chairs and a center table and am wishing I could squeeze a hall redo into the budget right now! Here are some of the ideas I'm loving at the moment:

via LGN

That pair of cream ottomans is amazing! It's like they're a couple of down-filled clouds fluffing up the space.

Miles Redd via LGN

If I had a more spacious hallway, the central round table is a great way to go. The white, pale yellow and green color scheme in this home is so soothing- this is definitely someplace I'd like to be invited.

Toni Bryant

Look how Martha effortlessly solves the problem of space-eating radiators! Genius. I love her combination of the rustic branch table with the elegant vase and woodwork of the apartment.

Covering a wall with floor to ceiling mirror is a great idea for small spaces like this little nook. It reflects the light, making the hall appear larger than it actually is.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

How cute would this umbrella stand look in some of these hallways?

This is my absolute favorite one -- can you believe the colors? Everything about it is gorgeous to me. And don't miss the zebra rug peeking out from the bottom of the photo.


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  1. I love the light in all these photos. Thanks for sharing Liza, each home feels so inviting.


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