Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Blooms

With the holidays around the corner our calendars are filling up. It is nice to have a few festive arrangements up your sleeve to assemble quickly and easily.  I thought I would share with you a few tips for your table settings this Christmas. 
First step is to clean all your vases and organize your materials.
I then clean all my flowers and trim their ends. If a flower is falling apart feel free to toss it out. Adding flowers that are on death's door isn't worth it, since they will not last beyond a day.

This arrangement consisted of a variety of berries, roses, Magnolia leaves, and Olive branches. I usually form my arrangement in rounds, however for these fun branchy arrangements add symmetry to your liking. They are not going to be perfectly uniform because of the branches. Layer the flowers thoughtfully and be sure to have the same amount of stems in each arrangement; that way you maintain some uniformity. 

When the arrangements are complete and the linens are set, I place the flowers in the center of the table with a bit of candlelight surrounding the arrangement. 

I love the olives on the olive branches- they add to the life of the arrangement. 

Don't you just love the olives on the branches?

There is so much movement in these branches.

I had a few branches left and no more vases, so I simply tied the extra stems in a loose bouquet along the gates. Flowers greeting you at the door is always a welcomed addition to an event.

Small arrangements always add such a lovely touch. I place them with the appetizers, drinks, in bathrooms and on any small table surface.
 My Thanksgiving Setting

The arrangements consisted of greens, berries, and a variety of colored roses. I simply cut the greens in half, placing one grouping on each table. I then arranged equal parts in matching vases for each table. 

I recruited Tiger Lilly to help.  I say when kids are involved in decorating it makes the project fun. Remember, nothing has to be perfect. 

Sophia is four years old, so she was able to tie the napkins and place feathers. 

If you look closely you can see that the table cloths are layered with textured paper. I purchased gift wrap from Anthropologie and placed it underneath the greens and floral arrangement. 

 I also included mason jars filled with chocolate on the table and wrapped them in tissue from Anthropologie. 

A small detail unseen are a variety of bright colored fabric balls I also purchased at Anthropologie.  All of  the Anthro details cost 30 dollars total and will carry us into Christmas. 

Just a few ideas for your holiday settings! 

Happy Monday & Feliz Navidad



  1. I love your arrangements, Mel!! And those branches on the gates are such a welcoming touch! Looks great:)

  2. Thanks L!!! S was so cute and helpful too.


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