Monday, December 12, 2011

Keeping Christmas Simple

If you haven't noticed, today we are literally 12 days from Christmas Eve. I don't know about you, but our schedules are full to the brim beginning with Thanksgiving. Each year as we enter this season, I try to find moments to enjoy this time of year.

Gramercy Park
 Part of the hustle and bustle has much to do with anticipation.  Hoping to find the perfect gifts, preparing your home for guests or travel, and if you have kids, attempting to engage in all the lovely Christmas activities (baking, parties, visiting Santa).  
The list goes on & on.  

I say part of living life well is being able to find moments in each day to breath and live a little. So, what are my top five solutions to enjoying the Christmas season? 

Begin the season with It is a Wonderful Life--this film always puts life in perspective, and who doesn't love Jimmy Stewart?


Two: I say remember, nothing has to be perfect, so if you are hosting, think of ways to keep your event from becoming overwhelming. For me, cooking the day of an event can be taxing if you are also decorating, cleaning, and keeping your kids occupied. 
My solution is to prep the food the day before, or I often will prepare a main dish that requires slow cooking. That way you can prep your home while your main dish cooks. Whole Foods also is a great solution for prepared sides that are delicious. I always do all the major cleaning and furniture rearranging the day prior to my event. This keeps the stress to a minimum.  I guarantee you, guests would prefer a relaxed host, rather then an event that appears perfect yet you are tense, & perhaps your husband suffered along the way. 
The most successful events are those you enjoy yourself.

The most wonderful Christmas parties involve great cheese, champagne, and chocolate. Who could ask for anything more?!

Three: connect with the traditions you love, & simplify them.  As a child, we always had hot chocolate, nuts, and ribbon candies around the house. Having these few treats around my home brings me joy throughout each passing December day.

Four: have a go-to holiday ensemble.  There is nothing more stressful then having a party to attend & feeling as though you have nothing to wear. My go-to, which I have had for five years, is a little black dress I bought at Banana Republic & a mink stole I found at a thrift store ages ago. I also have one sparkle sweater that goes great with a black skirt or trousers. 
Check out Zara's jersey red dress.  This is perfect for any holiday party.

All of these Zara items are 50 dollars or less. You can't beat that!

Lastly, I am always brought back into the mood by fun Christmas music.  My number one Christmas album is Mariah Carey's 1994 album, so if it is one of those days, turn up the volume, & I guarantee a total shift.

Tis the season to be jolly!



  1. I love all of the photos, and those appetizers look incredible!

  2. a trader joes special, i really do believe a good party ONLY requires plenty of bubbly & protein


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