Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday Fun Day

When the weekend comes, it is the perfect excuse to let loose and relax.  For the clergy family that means squeezing in the relaxation before Sunday. What I love to do is plan something fun for the kids after school on Fridays, which usually means stopping in our local italian coffee shop for pan de chocolate then relaxing with a favorite film for the kids (in Spanish, of course--then you are totally feel guilt free!). 

This Friday, take a moment to relax a bit. I know this weekend I will relax by spending time with my new favorite cookbook, Newlyweds, by Sarah Copeland. Even if you're not a newlywed, you will love this book! The photos and entertaining tips are for everyone. 
Check out the video; you will fall in love again with cooking:

Via Edible
photos by Sarah Remington
By the way, I do have a few arrangements that made it into the book.   So if you love to read cookbooks, this is worth buying and totally relaxing. There is a story behind each recipe, the photos are fantastic (I am already fantasizing about summer), and you will truly fall in love again---what more could you want on a Friday night!

Happy Friday!!!



  1. Just ordered the book on Amazon :)
    So jealous you live that amazing Italian bakery... so much fun for Friday afternoon!

  2. Thanks Cate, your going to LOVE the book! I do and there are so many simple recipes with great story telling.


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