Friday, February 3, 2012

Curious Friday

What an amazing week it was! Liza was featured on Apartment Therapy for her wallpapering ideas, & Daniel Roseberry shared his amazing sketches with us all. This was a week full of curiosity. 
Here are my TOP discoveries of the week.

So, if your in the NYC area and in need of party food, this BBQ Taco truck is AMAZING- they are often found in Tribeca.

If you need a little Spring in the house, head to your local flower market. Your favorite BULBS are blooming everywhere!

Just a splash of spring for this client!

Pillows at a play date- I LOVE all of these patterns!

I just discovered a new fabric shop that hosts the most ADORABLE sewing classes. My daughter, Sophia, will be there every Saturday! Check them out if you have little ones in the NYC area.

Lastly, I thought I would share with you my favorite salsa. This Pico is perfect for those of you heading to a Super Bowl party. My pico is the perfect snack to share. 
My Pico de Gallo
Now, my sister makes the best pico I have ever had, so I try and make it just like her.  This salsa is SO simple. 
Dice a  few tomatoes, jalapeños, half a head of cilantro, one green onion, a splash of lime, and add salt to taste.  Depending how much heat you like will determine how many jalapeños you use as well as whether or not you will include the seeds.  It is literally as easy as that!

Happy Weekending & Get Curious



  1. Mel, what kind of tomatoes do you use for the Pico? I want to try making it, looks delish!

  2. I love red vine tomatoes the best, they are sweet and with the jalapeño punch its a great combo. Squeze a bit of lime and add salt to taste, crowd pleasure for sure!!

  3. Thanks so much for putting the pico recipe up!!! I use your sister's recipe too, and every single time, I feel like I get my Mexican Street Cred back (which I inevitably lose by asking if anyone watched the last episode of Downton Abbey). Going to make some today!!

  4. I am glad you love it!! You need to get blogging your so funny!


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