Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mr. Roseberry

 When Jake and I first landed in New York, several friends moved here at the same time, one of them being Daniel Roseberry. He is an amazing person, kind, thoughtful, creative, and most would say visionary when it comes to women's design. Here at Mel & Liza, we say, get curious about those around you. 
Mr. Roseberry

I met Daniel in Pittsburgh several years ago.  I remember him sharing sketches while he was just in high school, a mere teenager really.  I was blown away at his pure talent. 
 His work is as natural as breathing, never seeming to be forced or conjured up. It always seems that he just is who he is, never over thinking his work.

Winning designs by Daniel Roseberry 

As the holidays approached us, Daniel so kindly agreed to let us in on his work.  He stayed for supper and drinks, and then we talked. Just like with his fashion, you get nothing from him other than he is--humble and kind--always asking about me and my inspirations.  I tried to keep him on point and peer into his craftsmanship. 

I asked Daniel where his inspiration comes from, and why does he design for women?  Daniel cooly answered that it is cliche to think of men designing for women as having a love/hate relationship with females or, more specifically, mothers.  Daniel is clear that this is not his driving inspiration; rather, women seem to be the vehicle or the form which he enjoys sketching.  Like Daniel, his mother is an artist, and so was his grandmother. 
His drawings are his inheritance. 
Daniel was raised in Dallas, Texas, and I was curious to know how he has been influenced by his childhood surroundings. At this point in his life Daniel knows that his environment has subconsciously affected his design; however it is not clear as to how. 
What Daniel does know is at a very young age, as soon as he could pick up a crayon, he has been drawing. Even as a young boy he drew women, Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, high heals.  From the beginning it has always been women's design.  

Soon after winning a prominent award from FIT for the beautiful sketches above, he found himself working at Thom Browne.

Known for men's design, Thom Browne provided Daniel the perfect place to stretch his wings in a place that needed vision for women. 

Fall 2011

Via New York Times

You must You Tube the Fall 2011 show!  Thom Browne, inspired by his catholic upbringing, took the nunnery to another level. In addition, you will never listen to the Sound of Music the same way again.

Spring 2012

Via the New York Times

The Spring 2012 show was all about indulgence, channeling the Great Gatsby into the New York Library.  The collection is whimsical, beautiful, feminine and fanciful. 

It is always so inspiring to be with those who create and design with such freedom and what appears to be ease.  Daniel's work is not forced or contrived, but natural, fearless, and full of vision.  

 Thank You Mr. Roseberry!


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