Friday, March 23, 2012

Home Sweet Dream Home

On Wednesday I posted about house hunting, and the homes I was looking at there are all conceivably within our price range.  But then I figured, why not have a look around at some fantasy houses while I'm at it?  It can be helpful to see what you really like for later when you are listing pros and cons of more affordable options...right??  

Whenever I think of a dream house, the one from the movie Father of the Bride comes to mind-- and Steve Martin saying proudly, "this house is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and looks spectacular in Christmas lights."  My sister and I must have watched that movie a thousand times, so maybe that is where my love of this style house comes from.

Here is a house I would love to snap up, at least based on its curb appeal.  It has tons of space inside and out, since it is on a double lot.

I would want to change up the color scheme in the kitchen, but it comes with a Wolf range!  We would never eat out again!!  Ok, maybe that's not true, but it would definitely inspire me to cook more often.

It has THREE fireplaces, including one in the master bedroom.  Cozy!

The brick patio and wrought iron fencing give the back yard a finished look and provide you with extra relaxing and entertaining space during the warmer months.

 This next one is gorgeous, too, and incredibly spacious.  The formal dining room could accommodate some serious dinner parties.

This house is huge-- even the hallway is luxuriously open.  I love the picture frame molding leading up the stairs here and the molding on the ceiling in the dining room, too.
 The master bedroom, with a vaulted ceiling and tons of space.

Neither one of these gorgeous homes will end up being the one for us-- unless, of course, the current owners decide they'd like to donate to a good cause:)  Hey, you never know! It sure is fun to dream, though.

Happy Friday


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