Monday, March 26, 2012


Spring has shown up in Gramercy Park. All these beautiful blooms reminded me we needed a little spring in the house, so together we made some banners and rabbit years for our Easter brunch.  We had such fun, and I broke it up in two days. I always say less is more when your working on a project with kids. My goal is to create something beautiful together, while at the same time working within the child's ability.
I cut many patterns and solids of egg and bunny ear shapes.  I then had S pair the solids with patterns of her choosing. Her job then was to paste the paper eggs and bunny ears together. I of course tied the knots for our Easter crowns.  

Now that Sophia can write all her letters, we focused on writing HAPPY EASTER.  This portion of the project turned out great.  It is easy for her to write single letters  separately so she felt accomplished with each letter written.  I finished up the project by stringing the letters together. I love the outcome. The project is perfect for a four year old, and you can tell she did the work while being so festive.   
Don't you just LOVE the fun colors and patterns S selected? Good eye!!!
Crafting with kids is another opportunity to stretch creatively. I loved this project-- it truly was a simple project we just whipped together.

What a perfect way to celebrate Easter and have time learning our ABCs together. Come back Wednesday for some fun floral combos, the perfect way to have a little spring in doors.

Happy Spring!!!


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