Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthdays with Babes

As my children get older they have become aware of our birthdays, and it is sooo sweet. Last week we celebrated Jake's birthday.  I wanted to organize something special with the kids.  So, while Henry napped, S and I got to work.

Like I always say, when you are working on a "grown up" project with kids, simplification is ESSENTIAL. Now, Jake's favorite goodie for his birthday is cookies. So, the easiest way to include Sophia was to buy prepared cookie dough and add bright colored M&Ms.  She loved this process and was quite good at it too!

For the gifting, I know adults say they LOVE homemade gifts from their children. I love them, but I also know I appreciate a thoughtful gift, too.  I thought to combine forces.  I purchased grown-up gifts Jake would love and then asked Sophia to create art around them. 

I took brown paper and was able to decorate each gift with a personal touch only in the way a child does. Let me tell you, Jake loved the wrapping and was careful when opening each gift. 

An added personal touch was left over birthday paper and the ever so useful sofa fabric. Fabric does not go to waste around these parts!!

Since we didn't have cake to place our candles, and the cookies couldn't hold up the velas, we simply filled a mason jar with M & Ms then lit our candles.  Lesson learned on this front; while S and I hid waiting for Jake, our chocolates went en FUEGO, ten cuidado!!!!

Parties with babes can be so meaningful!  Jake LOVED our special surprise!!!




  1. So whimsical, and SO creative!!! Love the candles in the m and m's that is such an inspired idea. Did someone get some Sperry's loafers...?? I think I recognize that box!

  2. Oh yeah, I know people saw they love homemade gifts, but when it comes to men you know what they really want! In my case jake lives shoes and new threads.

  3. I love this, Mel!! You always throw the most beautiful parties!


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