Monday, June 18, 2012

Crowd Pleasing

Happy Monday!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The weather in NYC was perfect and we had plenty of fun celebrating Father's Day. Over the weekend I was thumbing threw old photos and I realized I hadn't shared any pics from the Mockingbird conference. 

I was given the task to book a caterer for three meals and decorate the chapel.  We were on a tight budget and needed to think creatively. So, I thought of ways to create a farm table setting for 180 people. 

I bought these....

They are short and wide enough to get the floral coverage I want with out having to spend to much in flower. 

I then remembered how I added a pit of pop to Henry's settings by using wrapping paper. So, I bought brown wrapping paper to place on top of white linens. 

Lastly, I was lucky enough to be able to buy loads of lilac at cost. They added the right pop we needed against the brown and white table setting. I was pretty pleased with our farmers table settings. Not to mention the votives we used made the setting appear clean and classic. 

I think the settings came together nicely. What do you think? 

I do love a party!!!



  1. Pretty -- and I bet it smelled heavenly! Saw zucchini at the Farmer's Market and thought about your calabacitas soup that I want to try as soon as you post the recipe. In your photos it looks different and better than what I've seen on the internet. hint, hint! ; )

  2. Ha ha, love it. I am thinking about Friday!!!


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