Monday, June 4, 2012

Mex Monday

Here is a little 411 when it comes to Mexican street food.  I am a bit of an expert and snob when it comes street tacos. One, it has to be fresh; Two, condiments rule; & Three, you've got to know your flavors.

A friend had been telling me about a fabulous Mexican cart parked in Madison Sq Park. I thought, this I gotta try! I took Nia, our 20 something fashionista who happens to be from Southern Cali and knows a thing or two about Mexican street carts, along with me to check it out.

First things first, I always order Carne Asada tacos when I am checking out a new taco stand. The carne asada taco is a classic Mexican taco and should be the best thing on the menu. Plus, they are pretty hard to mess up. 

 I will have to admit, we judged this taco straight away.  I thought it had too much guacamole, and it was definitely missing some classic condiments.  

Our verdict: One Thumb Up

Though overall it was a pretty a pretty tasty taco, we did have some critiques. The meat was a bit over seasoned and the taco was missing key ingredients (lime, salsa, fresh cut cilantro) that make street tacos sooooo good. I will say overall the bite was good, and if you're willing to pay 4 dollars a taco, check them out. 

A good indicator of a classic street taco are the condiments--and if Mexican polka music is being played, you know you're in the right spot1



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