Thursday, June 28, 2012

Set the stage

Our journey to Narnia began in April. Our team joined together to dream up and think through "The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe," and when we came together it was clear we were truly inspired by this story. Floriana, a teacher at Parsons, had clear inspiration when it came to costuming our actors, and Jeremy, a model designer, was sooo moved. He and I had a little too much fun coming up with our elaborate sets. And--you know me--I like to work with what we already had, so I began collecting items throughout the church that would be perfect for our set.

Our scary trees started out like this....

The trees are made out of two by fours wrapped in chicken wire. We then wrapped the chicken wire in fabric and painted them in various browns and black. The branches are actually made out of foam and were drilled into our trees. 

The actors are a major part of our experience this week. They bring Narnia alive, and the children truly believe they are from Narnia.  Part of the magic has to do with their fabulous costumes. I love a bargain, so when Floriana found TDF, a costume company that rents soley to "small" productions at cost we were more then thrilled.

Like I said, I love using what we have around. Our entire set is made up of items from the thrift shop and church. Good looking right?!

Let me tell you, the kids are obsessed with the items on the shelf. The books are old and worn, perfect for our stage. 




  1. Fabulous! Thank you for giving up your time and energy to do this. So thrilled that my grand-daughters have been able to take part!

  2. The whole production looks amazing, Melina! I am SO impressed, and I know the kids must be, too!


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