Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lighting on a dime....

Living on a budget can feel a little constraining at times, and to tell the truth I am often inspired by so many design blogs, but have a hard time thinking most of the projects out there are really within my budget. So, I was so pleased to have solved TWO lighting problemos en mi casa within 50 dollars. I think they turned out good looking and were truly budget friendly. 

First things first. We have been in desperate need for some overhead lighting that did not require an electrician. A) too pricey, and B) I don't DIY electrical. So, what to do, visit IKEA and put my thinking cap on. I am embarrassed to say my mother and I were in IKEA for 6 hours. Jake actually thought we were kidnapped. 

Lets start with overhead in Miss S's room. I was inspired by the idea of  fireflies in a jar, since last week we were at a friend's on Long Island watching these little creatures light up. So, while at Ikea we picked up two overhead lamp cords that were only 9.95. Later in the week I picked up a large mason jar at Fish Eddy's for 3.95, then an eco 60 W at Ikea. 


First cut a hole through the lid of the mason jar large enough to wrap around the edges of bulb connector. My father smartly suggested poking holes through the lid for a bit of ventilation, so the heat is able to escape. Be sure to thread the wider lid through so you are able to secure the lid. You ultimately want to be able to screw the lid together as the jar was intended to do.

My father simply used the anchors that came with the hanging lamp cording and secured our hanging lamp. 

Then simply pull out your trusty staple gun to tighten your cording against the wall, so you don't have your cording loosely hanging like in the photo above. 

Al Fin and problem solved for less then 20.00 pesos!! '

See what I have up my sleeve on Thursday!!



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