Monday, July 9, 2012

Deals of the Week

One great thing about our new house is the screened porch where I'm imagining relaxing with friends during spring and summer evenings (just not when it's over 100 all week!).  Of course I have been thinking about how we could decorate out there, especially when there seems to be a better indoor/outdoor selection than ever.  Even this early in the summer many stores are marking down their outdoor furniture, and as the weeks go by the deals only get better.

When I was in Target last week I noticed this cute loveseat in their clearance section along with other outdoor items.

Originally priced at 250, the sale made it a good deal, but I was so strong and decided to wait and think it over, hoping that the four still there wouldn't be gone if I changed my mind.  I came back the other day, and prices had been slashed again!  I snatched mine up with a big grin-- don't you love when that happens?

Another deal of the week was at Hancock Fabrics, where they sell the last few yards of anything left over for $5 per yard.  Ages ago I had seen this cute yellow and gray print but didn't know where we would use it yet, so I let it go.

But yesterday, to my happy surprise, guess what I saw in the $5 bin?  Just enough fabric to cover my loveseat!  

I also picked out another pale blue clearance fabric and a half a yard of dark gray duck cloth for trim and came home to figure out how to combine it all.  I find laying out helps me when my imagination isn't getting me very far.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Stay tuned for more details on this fun project!  


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