Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pendant Predicament

At the moment we are right in the middle of changing a few things in our kitchen here in the new house.  I wouldn't say it's a total overhaul, but somehow the list of things we want to change does keep getting longer...

Renovating this house has been such a fun process!  Despite the dust and craziness, we are having the best time watching it all start to come together, and we are nearly to the point where we can start doing things ourselves around the house.  I'll be posting lots of before and after photos as things move along.

For now, we're planning for the new island we'll be putting in the kitchen, and I have pendants on my mind.  Once we decide we need something, suddenly I see them everywhere!  There are a couple of different looks I love for this prominent spot.  How to choose? 



As you can imagine, we're hoping to find a balance between style, functional task lighting and price for these pendants, and thankfully there are some affordable options out there.

My one concern with any of the glass fixtures is that they probably aren't ideal for the down lighting you need over an island.  Like a chandelier, they would cast more of an overall light in the area rather than focused down on the countertop.  And if you turn it up too bright, no one can look directly at it!  Still, these just look so great...  Does anyone have glass pendants and love them?  Talk me into it:)

I LOVE this look, and it's a way to squeeze three lights in where we would normally only have space for two.

I love this sleek one from Z Gallerie, and the knobby, industrial feel is even cooler in person.

Winner of the "Most Affordable" prize at only $30 each(!)

Jady's current favorite is a great deal, and I love the warehouse cages.  It comes in a satin nickel, which would be my choice.

Have a great Thursday!



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  1. Jady's favorite was mine too! They're all nice and I would consider the amount of light as a major factor too. (Be sure to check the allowable bulb size & wattage.) Can't wait to enjoy a Liza cooked meal in that awesome kitchen!


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