Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fashion Share

A little on Miss. Alex and her L.A. style

I would say I mix the classic yuppie style of the East Coast with the bohemian, care-free style of the West Coast. I love the combination of a collared black and white blouse with a long, flowing skirt and fuchsia booties. I find that the two coasts can really compliment each other when you put the right pieces together.

 I'm not very well versed in the area of fashion, so I don't have a favorite east coast or west coast designer. I usually just steal pieces out of my mom's closet from when she worked at Neiman Marcus and Saks in the late 70's and early 80's. I always find the best tailored suits in her closet by really obscure designers. Her suits always have very bold colors, extravagantly engraved buttons, and fantastically large shoulder pads and the best part is they always fit me, thank God!

  I am always more comfortable in cut-off jean shorts, a tie dye crop top, and a pair of gold sneakers. I think I'm more comfortable in the West Coast look because it reminds me of L.A. and it feels like home.

 In L.A., it's acceptable to be fashionable as long as you don't go overboard. The style is very relaxed and laid-back but leaves room for a bright colored pump or a military blazer with shoulder pads. 


P.S. IF you have any ?s on any of the looks the girls are happy to source them.



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