Friday, August 24, 2012

Rooftop Settings

First of all, last week my sweet Henry accidentally spilled water on my computer.  I took a deep breath knowing it was just an accident and made a trip to the Genius Bar in Albany.  After the "genius" saw my machine and concluded there was significant water, I opted to use the rice method to dry my machine for a week, then plugged her in again. Thank the Lord, my air returned to life after plugging her in and so I am so grateful to be blogging!!!  Have you ever spilled liquids on your Mac? Which tricks worked for you? 

P.S. I am now more careful about backing up my family photos. 

Following our Creative Arts Camp we hosted a Thank-You rooftop party.  I didn't have much time to plan, so I threw a simple menu together with a little decor.   The summer is the best time to celebrate with flowers, because they are so inexpensive and bring so much pop to any occasion.  I wanted to elevate our rooftop party with a mix in colors for our table settings. My new go-to for color and variation in table settings on the fly is wrapping paper.  I picked up a few fun coral sheets from Paper Presentation. 

Our simple menu included fresh fruit, corn and salad from our Farmer's Market.  We grilled chicken and steak.  The meal turned out lovely, including our weather.  I just love throwing together a simple meal with a little glam on the side. 

Happy Weekending!!!


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  1. The fact that you guys are going to celebrate the ‘thank you’ party on the rooftop is simply enough to make the simple event meaningful. Your visitors will not just enjoy the mouth watering food you prepared for them, but also, the amazing view and atmosphere that they’ll get to see and feel through the entire time.

    Otis  Kunkle


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