Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fancy Friday, more Manhattan EATs

The debate over school lunch vs. homemade lunches has begun in our household. Sophia has seen the chocolate milk and pizza being offered to her classmates. Really, I am not a nut about food, but I just can't imagine boat shaped pizza is great for you. So, I have re-instituted Fancy Friday lunch. Last year, every friday Sophia would have something special in her lunch, like sushi rolls. What I love about Fancy Friday is one, S has something to look forward to, and two, the meal literally takes 5 minutes to assemble.  What more could you want? A child feels loved and cared for, and all it took wast just a few minutes to put together.

This past summer something wonderful happened, when Bedford Cheese Shop moved into our neighborhood. Happily I stop in and buy baguettes, honey, and parmagiano cheese.  Since Sophia loves fancy salty cheeses and salami, we have found our Fancy Friday lunch for this school year. Not to mention this is MY favorite snack. 

I love the size of the honey, which makes it such an easy addition to Sophia's lunch box. The honey serves as a perfect dipping sauce for her salty parmagiano cheese and surprisingly, S LOVES salami. What are your favorite home-made lunches?



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  1. I love the idea of Fancy Friday lunches! How fun for a kid and a great way to get her excited about food (that isn't boat shaped pizza). Great post!


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