Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Love Them, We Love Them Not

A couple of weeks ago, after deciding that refinishing the previously painted upstairs old pine floors isn't really an option, we began the transformation by scraping, priming and painting some of it.  We started with our room, finished painting, and moved in at last... but something about it kept bothering Jady.  The white paint made the whole room really bright, which I didn't mind, and it gave the space a beachy, relaxed look, which could've been good, except it also made everything feel unfinished.  It didn't exactly drive me crazy, but I also didn't love it so much that I stuck up for those white floors that long, either.  Sometimes when you're decorating a room these things happen-- it turns out that something you thought would be great just doesn't work-- so don't be afraid to regroup and try again rather than force yourself to live with it.

Thankfully my sweet, thoughtful sister had just given us a big roll of carpet that she no longer needed, so I called an installer and had him do our room and closet right away.  I think we are both happier with the look, and it sure is nice to be able to pad around barefoot on that soft carpet.

We have plenty of area rugs for the other rooms, so we don't want to carpet everything upstairs-- but we also scratched the white floor idea off the list, too.  Now we are thinking of maybe painting them dark brown, like an espresso color, which would add some warmth and richness to the upstairs.  Of course painted floors don't give you the variation of browns like stained wood does, but I still think painting can capture the look.  And maybe someday we'll install hardwood floors!

By the way, wouldn't you love to have Niki Hilton's closet??  I think you would automatically become more glamorous getting dressed in a space like this. 

Decor Pad

Young House Love

Hei Astrid




  1. Maybe paint the floors black?? That can always be a sharp look against a light colored sisal...
    did you do wall to wall in your bedroom? I soooo want that in ours, it's just cozier.

  2. We have white painted wood kitchen floors. I love the look .... about the first 30 minutes after I've cleaned it. It gets dirty SOOOOOO quickly. I love the espresso look for the floors, especially with the white canopy bed in your other post.


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