Monday, October 8, 2012

Front Door Update

I have been thinking about painting our front door and looking for a color to give the exterior of our house a cheerful, welcoming look.  There are so many fun choices, but Jady has always wanted a red door, so we went looking for just the right shade.  Here is the before shot again:

The paint we chose was Behr's "Licorice Stick," a fun red with a hint of pink.  Although we bought the self priming exterior paint, I still went ahead and primed the wood to be extra safe.  The last thing I want to do is to have to strip it all and try again!  I filled in the few holes with wood filler, and we were ready for the fun part.

I am so happy with how the color turned out, bright and cheerful without giving you a headache:)

Happy Monday!



  1. That door really turned out great! Makes a world of difference to the feel of the house, too!
    *Also, I just wanted to ask a quick question and see if anyone can offer me some advice on my front storm door. Our siding is very similar to the light blue pictures above...maybe just a touch darker, but close. I have a storm door out front that leads to a tiny mudroom which houses my actual front door. Since no one can see my door outside, I would lie to paint the storm door a color other than white. The only color I'd prefer not to paint it is red, simply because the front door is already that color and the hubby doesn't love it. Any ideas? Maybe dark gray, black, or even midnight blue? Ty!


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